RW Miss Tinkys Dun  2005 APHA Dun Tovero
SpooksNatural Velvet 2008 APHA Black Solid
RW Spooks Lady Lynx 2009 APHA Black Tobiano
RW Franny  2012 APHA Buckskin Solid Homo. Black
RW Natural Magic 2017 APHA Black Tobiano Homo. Tobiano & Black
My Awesome Annie  1998 AQHA Palomino
RW Blonde Molly Lynx  2004 AQHA
RW Ironcor Calynx 2004 AQHA Bay
Miss Pepnita Jac  2007 AQHA Perlino
I raised all of these mares but three (Annie, Angel & Lena). They have been here all their lives, some were broke to ride at one time and some not. They are all very good mares and all the paints (not Angel & Lena with Cassie being a Grandaughter)are daughters of 'Spookernatural' son of APHA Hall of Fame 'Tinky's Spook'. Some have foals that have show records and some have foals that have been exported. They all are very good producers and currently are not For Sale plan is they will retire here. I will be adding a page to my site of foals from past to current.

Nachrichten Medizin
Bred to River for a March 2025 foal
 Full sister to Peptoboonsmal.
Flag Counter
Will be Bred to Whiskey in 2024 for a Buckskin Tobiano Foal
April 2024 foaled a Buckskin Tobiano colt
Will be bred to Whiskey 2024
Has been bred to Whiskey for a Early March 2025 Buckskin or Perlino Tobiano Foal
Will be bred in 2024
In foal to Whiskey for March 2024 for a Perlino Tobiano Foal.
Bay Roan Tobiano
Angel Baby Risktaker 2004 Grullo Mare Homo.Tobiano
Will be bred to Whiskey for a 2025 Homozygous Buckskin Tobiano foal.
Bred to River for a Feb.2025 foal.
Foal will be either Homo.Tobiano, Tobiano Roan or Roan will be black or bay base.
6 Panel NN, TT, EE
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