'Millie' was one of my riding horses for many years we won a lot and shared a lot, not only did she allow myself to ride her but she also packed around my sons and my grand kids,she had a long and happy life with me and will be greatly missed by all of us.I have kept 2 of Millies daughters that I raised,Penny is a Paint mare that is by 'Spook' and Callie a QH that is by 'Doc'. Millie was a Champion in everyway, she always gave her all and was honest in doing it. March 1979 to October 2006

Pop A Sock AQHA Sorrel Stallion. Known to us as 'Doc' He had a long and good life and now is at rest to run free in the heavens. I have several of his daughters to remember him by and Doc has one last foal to be born in 2009 after many very nice foals that survive him. He is missed by all that knew him. June 1984 to May 2008

Rebels Sweetheart AQHA Black Mare. 'Sweetie' had been with me her entire life and was a great friend to me, it was very hard to have her put to rest but I could not let her suffer any longer, after a long fight with founder I finally let her go. She is so missed and it is so hard to get over, she was the best with a big heart and always seemed to understand me, she was my friend, but she is now at peace. April 1988 to July 2008.



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Brother MFC 845CW
Brother MFC 845CW
On July 8,2010 my longtime friend since her birth was put to rest. I feel very sad and it will take a long time to get used to her being gone, but it gives me peace knowing that she is resting now. Dixie and I spent several years doing Parades and Performances, Barrels and just plain riding together and then she became a very good momma to lots of foals. She was a wonderful mare and friend, she will be in my heart forever. March 10,1985 - July 8,2010
We shipped a APHA daughter of 'Docs' to Thailand where she will carry on his good name.
We shipped a daughter of 'Dixies' to Thailand where she will carry on Dixies good name.
On March 16th Little foaled and due to complications the vet could not save her or her foal, I lost a good mare and her smokey black colt on that very sad day. I got Little in 1999 so she had been with me for some time and was always a pleasure to own, she was a little tank of a mare and never a problem to have around, she will be missed.
This year has had some very sad days in it, I not only lost my mare but also my faithful dog Freckles from old age and my cat from health and age related illnesses. They will always be remembered.
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