Here are Horses that I am offering For Sale, some of these horses were not raised by me but I have gotten in trade or bought, some are owned by friends. I try my best to find out what I can about them in order to pass it on to interested parties, if you have any concerns about any of them please ask and I will do my best to find out. I am not responsible for any transactions made on horses not owned by me but are advertised on my website or represented by me. Please read all sales information at bottom of this page. Thank You

Short Term Payment plans and boarding can be arranged on some of the horses that I have for sale. A deposit of 25% will hold your horse till pickup(within a reasonable time), all deposits are non refundable or at descrection of seller. All if any known unsoundnesses will be disclosed. Once payment/deposit is paid by the buyer the horse becomes the property of the buyer and therefore the responsability of the buyer. While the horse is awaiting pickup all care will be given to the best of the sellers ability and in the same fashion that the horse is accustomed to unless other instructions are agreed upon by seller and buyer.

This is a nice colt with a very sweet disposition. He is a very pretty mover, has a lot of potential. He strings to be apx 16 hands when mature. Lots of performance in his pedigree.
I will be cutting way back this year on my mares. My main interest is good homes for them. If you are interested in one let me know. I have been trying to cut back for a few years and am getting more and more determined so maybe I will get it done.

Pictures and information on the APHA Mares page along with pictures of foals.
For Sale: 2018 Double Homozygous Colts, can be seen at the bottom of my stallions page.
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