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Velvet's Palomino Filly Born April 16th.
Lynxy's Smokey Black Colt Born @ 9:25 pm on April 16th. 2018
Missy's Colt Born @ 3:25 am on April 17th.
Tested Homozygous Tobiano and Homozygous Black. Also Dun and Creme gened.  TT/EE/Aa/Dd/nCr
Tested Homozygous Tobiano and Homozygous Black, And Creme gened. TT/EE/aa/nCr
Smokey Black Tovero Colt May 5,18
Peach Foaled a Perlino Dun Filly 5-6 @ 6:15am
Missy 18colt
lynxy 18colt
velvet 18filly
Full brother is in Europe and being shown.
Tested Homozygous for Tobiano and Black with creme. TT/EE/aa/nCr
Homozygous Tobiano Colt foaled June 24th @ 1:50am Very nice big stout colt by Max.
Foaled June 4th @5am Really a cute filly and very athletic.
This filly is way nicer than her pictures show.
Homozygous Tobiano TT/Ee/aa
Should mature at 14.2-3 and will make a very talented rider and then will produce 100% Tobiano Foals that will have all the right colors and No red foals. Very nice colt with great potential.
This filly is so much nicer than any video or picture has been able to capture.
This is a very stout muscled up colt that will ride and be able to do it all. Very nice pedigree with tons of Champions up close. Priced to sell, cant go wrong.
Homozygous Tobiano TT/Ee/aa
All registration papers are back from association.
Due to no Fault of his, this colt is being relisted For Sale, Agreement not fulfilled by purchaser.
Dunup stands a full 14.3 at withers at 15 months old, strings at 16+ Hnds. he has a great disposition, very sweet natured and gentle. Nice conformation and pedigree. Has the genetics to produce a big variety of colors with no red and all Tobiano gened. He has really pretty movement.
The below pictures are Bear at just under 5 mos. old.
This is a very nice filly that really needs to be seen in person to see how nice she is. Her dam is 15.3 and she should mature at least at 15.2 she is a big filly already and shows a lot of athletic ability to go in any direction. She is way underpriced.
Double Homozygous with Cream and Dun
lynxy 18colt
This is an amazing colt, if you see him in person you will love him. He has the personality to make a great horse under the right guidence. He is to smart for his own good.
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