Cassie - Due in June,23rd        
Sire & Dam Information, Pictures and Pedigree links can be found on Mares and Stallions pages.
Velvet's Palomino Filly Born @5:20 am on April 16th.
Lynxy's Smokey Black Colt Born @ 9:25 pm on April 16th.
Missy's Colt Born @ 3:25 am on April 17th.
Tested Homozygous Tobiano and Homozygous Black. Also Dun and Creme gened.  TT/EE/Aa/Dd/nCr
Tested Homozygous Tobiano and Homozygous Black, And Creme gened. TT/EE/aa/nCr
Angels Smokey Black Tovero Colt 5-5 @ 11:50pm
Peach Foaled a Perlino Dun Filly 5-6 @ 6:15am
Missy 18colt
lynxy 18colt
velvet 18filly
There is only one thing on this filly I would change if I could and that would be to give her spots. She is a really nice well muscled filly with good conformation and a baby doll head. She can be registered Palomino Assoc. along with her APHA registration.
'Cisco' as I call him has been put on hold as far as being for sale at this time. He somehow has gotten some nasty cuts on his chest and untill they are healed and he is 100% again he will remain on hold.
Full brother is in Europe
Nice colt with a good solid pedigree. By a son of Nu Chex To Cash and a Mr Barbie Cody Jac mare.
Update: He is doing great and healing very nicely.
Cremey - Due in June, 8th        
Tested Homozygous for Tobiano and Black with creme. TT/EE/aa/nCr
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