I really have to say this maiden mare (Cassie) was a real trooper giving birth to this colt, she never layed down to have him and I think that was for the best it was easier for all of us to work around her. It took 3 of us over 30 minutes to deliver him, and it was 2 men and myself. He is a big colt for a maiden mare. But all turned out good. Cassie is sore, bruised and some tearing but will heal up fine. Pictures are of the colt when born and of him at a day old.
This will be a nice big colt and he has a nice pedigree full of champions and producers.
Cassie Colt
If your looking for a performance colt check out this guys pedigree.
In the background of this picture is dams grandsire and colts greatgrand sire Spookernatural at 28 yrs old.
Not the best video, he's pretty bleached out but will be a dark palomino. Video done 8-20-16
This colt doesn't sport the prettiest head but he has really nice conformation, size and a great disposition, and thats what it takes to be a great friend, companion, performer and just all-around great rider. What his head lacks the rest of him more than makes up for. Make an offer, will be weaned soon and needs to find a new home.
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