2012 Black Homozygous Tobiano. Bred to Harlan for 2017.
Angel Baby Risktaker 2004 Homozygous Grullo Tovero Mare. Angel has had several very nice foals. She is green broke to ride. Bred to Spookernatural for 2017  This will be the last foal by 'Spook' as he has passed away.
RW Miss Tinkys Dun 2005 Dun Tovero mare. Missy is a big mare and very easy to be around, She is green broke. She was born and raised here. Missy had a beautiful Double Homozygous Smokey Grullo Colt by Harlan this year that has been sold and is going to Europe.
Spooksnatural Velvet 2008 Black Solid Mare. Velvet is a nice big mare that is very kind and gentle. Velvet was born and raised here.
RW Spooks Lady Lynx 2009 Black Tobiano Mare. Lynxy is a daughter of Spook and Lady she is a very pretty laid back mare that will have her first foal in 2015. Lynxy was born and raised here.
QTS Bunny Bear 2011 Dun Tobiano Mare. Cassie is Tested Homozygous for Tobiano and will also be tested to see if she is Homo. for Black. Born and rased here.
RW Franny 2012 Solid Buckskin Filly. Franny is a cute filly that is homozygous for black. She is very gentle and laid back just like her sire and siblings. Franny is old foundation bred.
In foal to 'Max' for 2017 Will have a Black, Buckskin or Bay Tobiano Foal.
Bell was extremely thin when I got her she is putting weight on nicely and is now fat, will post new picks of her soon.
This filly was near death when I got her. She is now fat and healthy after a long road.
Belle lost her foal this year, no fault of hers. She showed she would of been a good momma. The foal was a Black/white homozygous filly. She is not bred back. I am cutting down on mares and Belle is For Sale.
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